Thursday, February 08, 2007


About the last post, it has been going slowly but anyhow. After almost drowning myself in Windows DDK, I have succeeded to make a Java library which communicates with a Wiimote. I've already named it: JWiimote :)

Instead of using the Pascal source mentioned before, I wrote a C driver dealing with a Wiimote as a HID device, and connected it with Java by JNI. Indeed it works fine! Now it can read button presses, not the motion or IR yet. I'm now trying to enable it to read those data as well.

The virtue of JWiimote is that I, and hopefully many other people who want to develop a Java application for Wiimotes in Windows, don't need to bother themselves by seeking for any working JSR-82 implementation or rather another bluetooth dongle. (In my case, I couldn't find any working JSR-82 implementation for my bluetooth dongle.) I guess there are not many bluetooth dongles which support MS Bluetooth stack. Thus JWiimote could benefit many people if it goes well.

I'm planning to open my source in the very near future. Perhaps following LGPL. For the first step I opened a project page. Yeah!
You might find more detail about JWiimote here:


Unknown said...

you should look at if you haven't already, there is some great documentation on how to control the wiimote, and links to wiimote APIs written in C.

When will you release the code?


guiguito said...

do you plan doing more stuffs on this project ?