Monday, June 16, 2008

Joined Goodminton

Just to warm this blog up after a long hibernation. I recently joined Goodminton, a badminton group in Zurich, consisting of various nationalities and professions and ages and such. In fact Friday night is one of my favorite moments of a week. Nothing can feel better than a hot shower after one and half hour badminton. Even more if it's followed by a nice dinner at Italian/Chinese/Asian restaurants. Mmm.

This is my short introduction written for this group. Just a series of things I came up with in several minutes, but hope to convey a slight glimpse of my new life.

- I had practiced badminton to death in my high school, only to get a good mark on P.E. course at first. But after all I started to enjoy it, although I was by inheritance so dumb at every kind of sports. Recently my high school nightmare turned out to be my destiny, leading me to Goodminton :D

- Still new to Zurich, since March. Software engineer working for Google. Living nearby "Wiedikon" :D

- Used to be a heavy drinker following the golden rule of success in Korea, but started to control it with my new carrier in Europe. Oh except last night..

- Often accoladed singer, especially at a karaoke after a bottle of drink to get more nerve. But that's only a story in Korea, it's time to renew the repertory..

- Have long been indulged in Murakami Haruki, but at some point found it like junk food, filled with people who are too indifferent and in a way irresponsible on their own lives. But still can't throw away "Norwegian Wood" from hands. Gloomy, beautiful, reminding story of wandering youths..

- Happened to be a big fan of Star Wars and Doctor Who, simply because of charming actors starring there.. nothing to do with Sci-fi unfortunately.

- Was just a spoiled child who refused to learn a proper chopstick usage. Still am. :P

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