Monday, July 28, 2008

Facade for random bits of thoughts

Sometimes I try to, sometimes I pretend to, but a regular routine is just not my life style. I'm rather used to batch processing. I organize my desk when I suddenly find it messy. I go shopping when there's a strong signal, for example pasta or grapefruits juice running out, and end up with way too heavy shopping bags which will do for next several weeks. Well, not adequate to be a good housewife though. But I do dream of patterns in my life. Jogging every morning, grocery shopping every Thursday, cleaning my flat and watering plants twice a week, blogging once a week, etc. Some people seem to feel comfortable and natural at doing so, while it requires conscious efforts for me.
At least for blogging, I just came up with a nice idea. It's a facade. I'd write whenever I feel like. It doesn't need to be in a regular manner. Probably I'd write some bunch of things every three or four months, cause I know that's what I've done so far. But this facade will gracefully hide the broken time line and show only the succession of thoughts, friendly categorized. In this way I could feel more casual at each post, and hopefully write more often. How wonderful.